Pneumatic control nozzle type vacuum sealer- Desktop
Pneumatic control nozzle type vacuum sealer- Desktop
Pneumatic control nozzle type vacuum sealer- Desktop
Pneumatic control nozzle type vacuum sealer- Desktop
Pneumatic control nozzle type vacuum sealer- Desktop
Pneumatic control nozzle type vacuum sealer- Desktop
Pneumatic control nozzle type vacuum sealer- Desktop
Pneumatic control nozzle type vacuum sealer- Desktop
Pneumatic control nozzle type vacuum sealer- Desktop

Sealing length: 75cm.


Need to connect air compressor.

More stable Suitable for packing products: Electronic component.

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Pneumatic control nozzle type vacuum sealer- Desktop :

 Made of metal plate coating

 Air operatedCustomers need to prepare air compressor 6-7 KG /cm²。

 Could adjust vacuum, seal and cool time and set 20 memories of time.

 No length limit of the vacuum bags.

 Suitable for packing dry and solid goods, not suitable for liquid or powder package.

 Suitable bags: nylon vacuum bags and aluminum foil bags.

 The vacuum sealer of over 80cm sealing line also can be made.


1. Can be installed GAS flushing function. (Customers need to prepare the gas.

2. Stainless steel housing for dust-free room and humid environment.

Model No. DS-VV455T DS-VV4510T DS-VV605T DS-VV6010T DS-VV755T
Voltage 110V / 220V 110V / 220V 110V / 220V 110V / 220V 220V
Max. sealing 450 x 5mm 450 x 10mm 600 x 5mm 600 x 10mm 750 x 5mm
Vacuum time 0 - 99 sec. 0 - 99 sec. 0 - 99 sec. 0 - 99 sec. 0 - 99 sec.
Seal time 0 - 3 sec. 0 - 3 sec. 0 - 3 sec. 0 - 3 sec. 0 - 3 sec.
Cool time 0 -10 sec. 0 -10 sec. 0 -10 sec. 0 -10 sec. 0 -10 sec.
Workingtable size 450*450mm 450*450mm 600*600mm 600*600mm 750*450mm
Machine Weight 40 kg 42 kg 45 kg 48 kg 68 kg
Machine size 475*820*320mm 475*820*320mm 665*970*320mm 665*970*320mm 765*970*330mm
Model No.
Sealing type
Voltage/Ampere 220V
Vacuum capacity
Max.sealing 750.0 x 5 mm
Vacuum time 0–99 sec
Sealing time 0–2 sec.
Cooling time 0–10 sec
Machine weight 68 kgs
Machine size 765x 970 x 330 mm
Vacuum flow
Pump capacity
Pump type
Chamber size
Sealing width
Sealing and conveyor speed
Bag total thickness
Bag size
Sealing Temperate
Conveyor width
Conveyor height adjusting range
Conveyor loading weight
Machine size
Warm up time
Adjusting height of working table
Sealing Temperate
Size of letter
Number of letters
Printing area
Size of metal bar
Quantity of knives
Length of knives
Max. consumption electric power
Oscillation frequency
Max. welding
Width of ribbon
Size of heating board
Max. size of film
Inner core
Packing size
Working table size 750 x 450 mm
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How to choose a vacuum sealing machine? (Non-nozzle vacuum sealer)
How to choose a vacuum sealing machine? (Non-nozzle vacuum sealer)
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Choosing the Right Bag for Vacuum Packaging: PE Bags vs. Vacuum Bags Explained
Choosing the Right Bag for Vacuum Packaging: PE Bags vs. Vacuum Bags Explained
Choosing the Right Bag for Vacuum Packaging: PE Bags vs. Vacuum Bags Explained  When it comes to vacuum packaging, one common dilemma often arises: Should you opt for PE bags or vacuum bags? This question is prevalent among many, especially those new to the realm of vacuum sealing. The choice between PE bags and vacuum bags is not just about the cost but also about the effectiveness of the vacuum seal in various applications. Understanding the Need for Vacuum Packaging The purpose behind vacuum packaging can vary significantly. Whether it's extending the freshness of food, protecting items from rust and dust, saving space, or merely maintaining a temporary vacuum effect, the choice of bag plays a crucial role. Here, we delve into the characteristics of PE bags versus vacuum bags to help you make an informed decision. PE Bags for Vacuum Packaging: Pros and Cons PE bags, commonly seen in the market, are known for their accessibility and affordability. However, their ability to block air is not as effective as specialized vacuum bags. During the vacuum process, air may continue to seep into PE bags, preventing the formation of a true vacuum state. Despite this, thicker PE bags can maintain a vacuum effect for a short period. High-density PE (HDPE) bags can achieve a vacuum state post-sealing, but the duration of this effect is uncertain. If a long-term vacuum isn't your priority, PE bags might be worth considering, though testing their effectiveness for your specific needs is recommended. Vacuum Bags: The Optimal Choice for Long-Term Vacuum Sealing For those seeking a durable vacuum state, vacuum bags are the superior choice. Materials such as nylon (NY) and aluminum foil are particularly effective. PET bags offer another viable option, each material presenting distinct advantages depending on the items being packaged and specific user requirements. Selecting a Vacuum Sealer and Vacuum Bags: Guidance and Recommendations Concerned about which bags are compatible with your vacuum sealer? Wondering which material best suits your needs or whether the vacuum effect will be satisfactory? Daily Sealing is here to assist. We offer expert advice on choosing the right vacuum sealer and vacuum bags tailored to your requirements, ensuring your vacuum packaging process is as efficient and effective as possible. Conclusion Choosing the right bag for vacuum packaging involves considering the specific needs of your packaging requirements. While PE bags may suffice for short-term or less critical applications, vacuum bags offer a more robust solution for long-term freshness and protection. For personalized advice and solutions that cater to your vacuum packaging needs, turn to the experts at Daily Sealing. g   Choosing the Right Bag for Vacuum Packaging: PE Bags vs. Vacuum Bags Explained 
Why Choosing Dailysealing
Parts and material quality control
  • Heating elements are from Japan.
  • Motor, Transformers, PCB and vacuum bags are made in Taiwan.
Strict quality control
  • 100% product inspection: The inspection is included functions and appearance of sealing machines.
  • Tensile strength test to ensure the sealing line tensile strength value reaches the customer standard.
  • Electric leakage test: Puncture and insulation test.
  • Our production and inspection are all based on ISO 9001.
Professional packaging and sealing machine factory
  • Produce many kinds sealing machines and ODM/OEM products and provide custom-made services.
  • More than 30 year experiences in packaging machines industry.
  • Sell sealing machines to America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.
  • 85% products in stocks, so we can deliver the products quickly.
  • The production process is based on SOP to ensure the quality of sealing machines consistently.
Complete range of specifications of sealing machines
  • Complete range of specifications of sealing machines.
  • Many kinds of sealing machines and consumptive materials in stocks, so customers can do one-stop shopping here.
  • The customers include Biotechnology companies, Medical equipment companies, Food industry, Electronics industry, Handmade soap industry and other industry..
Custom-made sealing machine service
  • Custom-made sealing machine service
  • Designs of the special sealing machine for irregular shape sealing line, such as U-shape sealing line and L-shape sealing line.
  • Different width of sealing line could be custom-made to meet customer requirements.
After-sales service of professional sealing machine
  • Provide the professional service for repair the broken sealing machine immediately.
  • The sufficient supply of parts stock, so don’t worry about the parts replace.
  • Some parts of sealing machine are used in common specifications, so it is easy to get the parts for replace.
Exhibitions and trade shows
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