• Vacuum Sealer
    ※ Vacuum sealer application: - For food : Keep food fresh.   - For other articles : Moisture-proof, anti-mildew, dust-proof, antirust. For example: electronic parts. - Volume reduction : fluffy articles such as bed quilt can be reduced the volume and then easy to  ship or storage.
  • Medical Pouch Sealer
    Medical pouch impulse sealer with cutter is suitable medical roller bag. Users can cut the roll bag and seal the bags. Medical pouch band sealer is suitable for the large quantity package.
  • Hand Type Sealer
    Hand type sealer is the easiest sealer for users. Hand type sealer is small size that can save space. Portable sealer is suitable for large and heavy package.
  • Foot Sealing Machine
    Foot sealing machine (Step sealer machine) is operated by foot.  According to material and thickness of packaging bags, there are two kinds of Foot sealing machine (Step sealer machine): Impulse Foot sealing machine and constant heat Foot sealing machine.
  • Semi-automatic Sealing Machine
    Three kinds of semi-auto sealing machine: Electric magnet, Pneumatic and Motor control. 
  • Rotary Sealer
    The rotary sealer is suitable for a large quantity of packages, saving time and effort. In addition to the general sealing function, there are also some models with vacuum and nitrogen filling functions.
  • Vacuum Sealer Bag
    Vacuum package have to use the vacuum sealer bags, and it can keep the vacuum effect. Daily’s vacuum sealer bags are made in Taiwan, and have SGS approval, pass BPA FREE test, FDA and EU standards.
  • Custom-made sealing machine
    Design the custom-made sealing machine in accordance with customer's demands.
  • Other
    Other different kinds machines and products.
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