Company Information

Daily Sealing System Co., Ltd. is one of a PROFESSIONAL MANUFACTURERS skilled in producing the packaging machinery for bag sealing in Taiwan. At present, the main series of machine types in the production are listed below:

We strive in marketing our sealing machine and vacuum sealer including Nozzle type vacuum sealer, Non-nozzle type vacuum sealer and Chamber vacuum sealer both of domestic Taiwan and overseas markets including America, Europe and Asia.Should you have any requirements of bag sealing machine, we are pleasure and capable to provide our specialty of custom-made for you.

Just contact us with your bag sealing requirements in details by phone or email at your convenience, our R&D department will be more than happy to satisfy you for the top quality demand accordingly.

We have the most professional testing and the quality control team to provide customers the best quality in all areas of the product.

Quality Control
  • Auto transformer
  • Milling & drilling machine
  • Tensile strength tester
  • Sealing time testing machine
  • Moter testing machine
  • Drilling machine
  • Puncture / insulation tester
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