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Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Pack can keep fresh and preserve longer, moisture-proof and volume reduction. Daily has many kinds of vacuum sealer could be chosen. The following is the introduction of Daily vacuum sealer for your reference.

Vacuum sealer type
Non-nozzle vacuum sealer : suitable for vacuum channeled bags, nylon gusset bags and alum.

  gusset bags. The length of vacuum bags is not limit.

Nozzle Vacuum Sealer : suitable for vacuum bags. The length of vacuum bags is not limit.

  There are two type of Daily nozzle vacuum sealer: motor control and air control.

Chamber type vacuum sealer : suitable for all kind vacuum sealer. The vacuum degree of vacuum

  sealers is the highest. The size of vacuum bags is limited of the vacuum chamber.

  This vacuum sealer is suitable for vacuuming liquid and powder. 

- Vacuum band sealer : there are two type vacuum band sealer could be chosen because of vacuum


Two type Vacuum pump

Oil-less vacuum pump : Suitable for Vacuuming dry and solid articles, such as tea leaves, rice,

  beans and electronic component etc.   

Oil vacuum pump : suitable for liquid and powder articles. The vacuum degree is higher than oil-less.

  vacuum pump. It needs to change and add the vacuum oil inside the vacuum pump when the

  vacuum oil is dirty.

Vacuum sealer application

For food : Keep food fresh.  

For other articles : Moisture-proof, anti-mildew, dust-proof, antirust. For example: electronic parts.

Volume reduction : fluffy articles such as bed quilt can be reduced the volume and then easy to

  ship or storage.  


Vacuum sealer accessories :

Channel Vacuum Bag : Suitable for non-nozzle vacuum sealer. There are the straight lines on Daily

  channel vacuum bag.  

Vacuum sealer bag : Suitable for nozzle type vacuum sealer and chamber type vacuum sealer.

Vacuum canister : Daily vacuum canister can be vacuumed by manual or used by non-nozzle

  vacuum sealer. 

Acrylic mold : When vacuuming, it can help the article to make the square shape, such as tea and