DVNT-305 Commercial nozzle vacuum sealer
DVNT-305 Commercial nozzle vacuum sealer
DVNT-305 Commercial nozzle vacuum sealer
DVNT-305 Commercial nozzle vacuum sealer
DVNT-305 Commercial nozzle vacuum sealer
DVNT-305 Commercial nozzle vacuum sealer
DVNT-305 Commercial nozzle vacuum sealer
DVNT-305 Commercial nozzle vacuum sealer
DVNT-305 Commercial nozzle vacuum sealer
DVNT-305 Commercial nozzle vacuum sealer
DVNT-305 Commercial nozzle vacuum sealer
DVNT-305 Commercial nozzle vacuum sealer
Commercial nozzle vacuum sealer machine

Vacuum Sealing length: 30cm.

Suitable for sealing products: Electronic component.

Food products.

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Commercial nozzle vacuum sealer machine:

• Made in Taiwan.

• Stainless steel outer casing, rustproof, solid and heavy-duty, health and hygiene to be used.

• Professional vacuum sealer to perform of high sealing quality, widely use for industry.

Vacuum Sealing operation: 

   (1) Manual seal: by hand operation. for safety

   (2) Pressure sensor switch control: if the air inside of bag is vacuumed out, the sealer will seal the bag automatically. for converience

   (3) Setting vacuum time.

• Counting of PCB function:

After vacuuming and sealing, the sealer machine will count the operating number of times automatically.

It can be clearly to know how many bags that were finished.


• Equipped water filter to prevent humidity into sealer machine to destroy the machine parts inside.

• Vacuum sealer machine is mini size, which can save space and move easily.

• Vacuum package to keep food fresh longer and keeps the precious articles from humidity.

Available for: any kinds of vacuum sealer bag. 

Model No. DVNT-305
Sealing type Impulse heating
Voltage/Ampere 110V / 9.9A, 220V / 5.6A
Power 1090W / 1240W
Vacuum capacity 26.0” hg
Max.sealing 300.0 x 5.0 mm
Vacuum time 0.0–99.0 sec. (adjustable)
Sealing time 0.0–6.0  sec. (adjustable)
Cooling time 0.0–10.0   sec. (adjustable)
Machine weight 15.80 kgs
Machine size 502 x 298 x 162 mm
Vacuum flow
Pump capacity
Pump type
Chamber size
Sealing width
Sealing and conveyor speed
Bag total thickness
Bag size
Sealing Temperate
Conveyor width
Conveyor height adjusting range
Conveyor loading weight
Machine size
Warm up time
Adjusting height of working table
Sealing Temperate
Size of letter
Number of letters
Printing area
Size of metal bar
Quantity of knives
Length of knives
Max. consumption electric power
Oscillation frequency
Max. welding
Width of ribbon
Size of heating board
Max. size of film
Inner core
Packing size
Working table size

Commercial nozzle vacuum sealer:

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How to choose a vacuum sealing machine? (Nozzle vacuum sealer)
How to choose a vacuum sealing machine? (Nozzle vacuum sealer)
In recent years, vacuum packaging has become very popular, vacuum packaging keeps damp proof, extended shelf life, and reduced storage space. There are various types of vacuum sealing machines available on the market. How to find a suitable vacuum sealer for your product. The following are specially divided into three categories for the vacuum sealers sold on the market (Chamber Vacuum Sealer, Non-nozzle Vacuum Sealer, and Nozzle Vacuum Sealer) introduce advantages and disadvantages. There are other places to pay attention to when buying, hope to help everyone buy a suitable vacuum sealer, and enhance the quality of our product.   ※  Nozzle vacuum sealer         At present, the nozzle vacuum sealer is widely used in the electronics industry. The Nozzle vacuum sealer and Non-nozzle vacuum sealer are also external, The difference is that the nozzle vacuum sealer uses the nozzle to extend into the vacuum bag to extract the air. Available for vacuum flat bags and aluminum flat bags. Non-nozzle vacuum sealer without a nozzle. Therefore, only the strips of the vacuum stripe bag can be used to create a pipeline to allow the air to be drawn out. The reason why the nozzle vacuum sealer has a nozzle, after the vacuum, the nozzle must be retracted into the machine and can be sealed, so when the nozzle moves, a little air enters. Therefore, the vacuum degree of the nozzle vacuum sealer is lower than that of the other two vacuum sealers.         The nozzle vacuum sealer is divided into the pneumatic type and electromagnet due to the driving mode. The advantage of the pneumatic nozzle vacuum sealer is the low sound, the disadvantage is that you need to connect the air compressor. The electromagnetic nozzle vacuum sealer doesn't need to be connected to an air compressor, but the sound is loud during operation.         Most Nozzle vacuum sealers are designed for products with little moisture or powder, add a water filter, keep water and powder in the water filter, Don't allow moisture and powder to flow into the machine, and Avoid damage to parts. If the product itself is water or powder, never choose a Nozzle vacuum sealer, because when pumping, the nozzle extends into the vacuum bag, it will directly remove the water and powder, It's recommended to choose the Chamber vacuum sealer, when the Nozzle vacuum sealer in operating, the way the nozzle is placed and the position of the product are very important, related to the vacuum effect. When the vacuum is recommended, keep the nozzle as close as possible to the product, and avoid sticking vacuum flat bags when pumping, this causes the nozzle to be unable to pump air, but be careful that the nozzle is not blocked the product, it can't be pumping. When operating the Nozzle vacuum sealers, please pay special attention to this technique.         Same to a Non-nozzle vacuum sealer, there are plastic casings for sale in the market. Nozzle vacuum sealer with metal shell (steel plate with powder coating and stainless steel), small size vacuum sealer with plastic casing, cheap price, but long-term operating with high frequency, it's not recommended to buy the Nozzle vacuum sealer with a plastic casing, because the vacuum sealer will generate heat when sealing, use for a long time, the sealing seat with continuing to heat when the temperature is too high, the plastic case may be deformed. Just for household or small amounts of use, a Nozzle vacuum sealer can be purchased in a plastic case. If it's a factory or a long-term operator, it's recommended to purchase a Nozzle vacuum sealer with a stainless steel housing, in addition to not worrying about the deformation of the sealing seat due to high temperature, the vacuum pump installed inside is larger than the Nozzle vacuum sealer with plastic casing, continuous use is not afraid of failure, and the vacuuming ability is also strong.         The Nozzle vacuum sealer is available for a vacuum flat bag, cheaper than a vacuum stripe bag. However, due to the control of the nozzle entering and leaving, the structure is more complicated than the Non-nozzle vacuum sealer. Therefore, the price of the Nozzle vacuum sealer is higher than that of the Non-nozzle vacuum sealer, price comparison with the Chamber vacuum sealer depends on the vacuum pump built into the Chamber vacuum sealer, Nozzle vacuum sealers are more expensive than Oil-less type Chamber vacuum sealer, but is lower than the oil type Chamber vacuum sealer.         Generally, there is only one nozzle of the Nozzle vacuum sealer, it can add nozzles and inflatable functions according to customer needs, most of them are filled with nitrogen, option to pump first and then inflate, or function settings such as inflate and then pump after pumping. In addition, there are also inflatable sealing machines that only inflate, it also uses a nozzle to fill the gas into the vacuum bag. The inflatable has moisture-proof, the advantages of retaining freshness and anti-collision, mostly used in the food industry.         The Band sealer also develops the air extraction function, it also uses the nozzle to suck out the air, which belongs to a Nozzle vacuum sealer, generally known as a Continuous vacuum sealer. The price is much higher than other types of vacuum sealers, and the structure of the Band sealer will also affect the vacuum degree, so the price is also different, to choose a Continuous vacuum sealer, except for the price, the vacuum degree is also a factor to consider.   When purchasing a vacuum sealer, factors to consider include price, the types of vacuum bags it can use, vacuum efficiency, the size and type of products to be sealed, and the operating method. No matter what kind of product you want to vacuum, it's recommended to bring the product to the site for testing before purchasing, test the vacuum effect and understand how to operate it, this will allow you to choose the most suitable vacuum sealer for your needs.  
Hand Type Sealer
Hand Type Sealer
Hand type sealer is the easiest sealer for users. Hand type sealer is small size that can save space. Portable sealer is suitable for large and heavy package.   ※ Hand type sealer : ➤For different operating type : - Hand type sealer: table type. Save space. Press the hand lever and hand type sealer start to seal. Easy operating. - Hand press sealer: table type. Pull the lever down to start sealing. It can save effort. 25cm sealing line is suitable for tea bags or coffee bag packing. - Portable sealer is suitable for wide working space. Portable sealer is also suitable for large and heavy articles, such us pallet package.   ➤For different material of package bags : - Impulse hand type sealer/ portable sealer: It is suitable for PE, PP, PET material, and aluminum bags and medical bags. - Constant heat hand type sealer / portable sealer: It is suitable for aluminum bags, vacuum bags and medical bags.   More details: Click here
Vacuum Sealer Bag
Vacuum Sealer Bag
Vacuum package have to use the vacuum sealer bags, and it can keep the vacuum effect. Daily’s vacuum sealer bags are made in Taiwan, and have SGS approval, pass BPA FREE test, FDA and EU standards.   ※ Kinds of Vacuum sealer bags: - Vacuum channel Sealer Bags / Vacuum embossed sealer bags It is suitable for non-nozzle vacuum sealers. The straight lines on the vacuum channel sealer bags will make the channels help non-nozzle vacuum sealers to vacuum the air from the bags. We have stocks of all standard sizes of vacuum channel sealer bags. We also can produce custom-made size and printing of vacuum channel sealer bags, but it has the minimum order quantity limit. Vacuum channel sealer bags: one side is straight lines and the thickness is 0.3mm, and the other side is flat and the thickness is 0.085mm. - Vacuum sealer bag It is suitable for nozzle type vacuum sealer and chamber vacuum sealer. We have stocks of all standard sizes of vacuum sealer bags. We also can produce custom-made size and printing of vacuum sealer bags, but it has the minimum order quantity limit. the thickness of vacuum sealer bags is 0.08mm, and we can accept custom-made thickness, but it has the minimum order quantity limit.   ※ Vacuum sealer bags material: - NY+PE: NY can block the air into the vacuum sealer bags, so it can keep the vacuum effect.   ※ Functions of vacuum sealer bags: - Keeps food safe and fresh - Simmer - Microwave-safe   ※ Spec. of Vacuum sealer bags : There are two kinds of vacuum sealer bags: standard size vacuum sealer bags and vacuum sealer roll bags. - Standard size vacuum sealer bags is already cut to the standard size. They are in stock. We also accept the order of custom-made special size and printing. - Vacuum sealer roll bags: We produce the roll bags for vacuum channel sealer bags. The standard length of vacuum channel sealer roll bags is 10M and 20M. The size of vacuum channel sealer roll bags also can be custom-made. It is suitable for many sizes of package articles but the small quantity.   More details: Click here
Why Choosing Dailysealing
Parts and material quality control
  • Heating elements are from Japan.
  • Motor, Transformers, PCB and vacuum bags are made in Taiwan.
Strict quality control
  • 100% product inspection: The inspection is included functions and appearance of sealing machines.
  • Tensile strength test to ensure the sealing line tensile strength value reaches the customer standard.
  • Electric leakage test: Puncture and insulation test.
  • Our production and inspection are all based on ISO 9001.
Professional packaging and sealing machine factory
  • Produce many kinds sealing machines and ODM/OEM products and provide custom-made services.
  • More than 30 year experiences in packaging machines industry.
  • Sell sealing machines to America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.
  • 85% products in stocks, so we can deliver the products quickly.
  • The production process is based on SOP to ensure the quality of sealing machines consistently.
Complete range of specifications of sealing machines
  • Complete range of specifications of sealing machines.
  • Many kinds of sealing machines and consumptive materials in stocks, so customers can do one-stop shopping here.
  • The customers include Biotechnology companies, Medical equipment companies, Food industry, Electronics industry, Handmade soap industry and other industry..
Custom-made sealing machine service
  • Custom-made sealing machine service
  • Designs of the special sealing machine for irregular shape sealing line, such as U-shape sealing line and L-shape sealing line.
  • Different width of sealing line could be custom-made to meet customer requirements.
After-sales service of professional sealing machine
  • Provide the professional service for repair the broken sealing machine immediately.
  • The sufficient supply of parts stock, so don’t worry about the parts replace.
  • Some parts of sealing machine are used in common specifications, so it is easy to get the parts for replace.
Exhibitions and trade shows
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