Portable impulse heat sealer
Portable impulse heat sealer
Portable impulse heat sealer
Portable impulse heat sealer
Portable impulse heat sealer

CE Mark.

Sealing length: 30cm.

Single heating line.

Available for large and heavy package.

Suitable for PP, PE, PVC, NY etc. material bags.

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Portable impulse heat sealer


. Made in Taiwan.
. Easy to operate: portable operation, strong mobility, convenient to seal large package.            
. Time control: as per package material and thickness to adjust the heating time. 
. Available for large and heavy package.
. Suitable for PP, PE, PVC, NY etc. material bags.

Machine weight:

.Main unit:3
.67 kgs
.Hand piece:1.83 kgs

Machine size :

.Main unit245x130x100mm
.Hand piece363x330x115mm
.Length of connector3M 

Model No. D-305H
Sealing type
Voltage/Ampere 110V / 8.1A , 220V / 4.0A
Power 900 W
Vacuum capacity
Max.sealing 300*5mm
Vacuum time
Sealing time
Cooling time
Machine weight Hand piece 1.83 kgs+Main unit 3.67kgs
Machine size Hand piece 363x330x115mm/Main unit 245x130x100mm
Vacuum flow
Pump capacity
Pump type
Chamber size
Sealing width
Sealing and conveyor speed
Bag total thickness
Bag size
Sealing Temperate
Conveyor width
Conveyor height adjusting range
Conveyor loading weight
Machine size
Warm up time
Adjusting height of working table
Sealing Temperate
Size of letter
Number of letters
Printing area
Size of metal bar
Quantity of knives
Length of knives
Max. consumption electric power
Oscillation frequency
Max. welding
Width of ribbon
Size of heating board
Max. size of film
Inner core
Packing size
Working table size
Machine material
Suitable material of bag
Suitable for packing products
Spare parts
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about vacuum packaging
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about vacuum packaging
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about vacuum packaging Vacuum packaging is currently a trend, and recently, many users have purchased vacuum sealers or vacuum bags, generating a lot of questions. Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions: 1.     Which vacuum sealer is suitable for me? A: There are many vacuum sealers on the market, and it is not easy to choose a suitable vacuum sealer. I have previously written about "How to Choose a Vacuum Sealer". Those with questions can refer to it for getting more information. "How to choose a vacuum sealing machine", please check the following website address. *Nozzle type vacuum sealer: https://www.dailysealing.com/news_detail.aspx?seq=1116 *Non-nozzle type vacuum sealer: https://www.dailysealing.com/news_detail.aspx?seq=1115 *Chamber vacuum sealer: https://www.dailysealing.com/news_detail.aspx?seq=1114   2.     Why can't I use PE bags for vacuum packaging? A: Due to the density of the bag material. Even after air is removed and sealed, air can still seep back into the bag. Therefore, after packaging, if left alone for a period of time, the vacuum effect will be lost.   3.     What type of bag material is suitable for vacuum packaging? A: The most common vacuum bag materials are nylon (NY) bags and aluminum foil bags. Both of these materials can prevent air from seeping back into the bag and maintain a vacuum state inside the bag.   4.     Why can't I maintain a vacuum effect even after using vacuum bags? A: If you have confirmed that you are using vacuum bags, you can first check if the seal is defective. Some vacuum bags are too thick and require a longer sealing time, such as foldable bags (tea bags), which have four layers. If the seal is confirmed to be perfect, check if there are any holes in the vacuum bag. When vacuuming, the bag will adhere closely to the contents. If the contents have sharp edges, it is possible to puncture the bag and lose the vacuum effect.   5.     Many users who have bought vacuum sealers or vacuum bags are confused when they find that they can't remove the air from flat vacuum bags. What should they do? A: This is because they have purchased a vacuum sealer without a nozzle. The non-nozzle type vacuum sealers have to use the special vacuum bags (channel bags, embossed bags and gusset bags) to remove air, so if users use flat vacuum bags, they will find the vacuum sealer and vacuum bag can't work.     6.     If someone accidentally purchases a non-nozzle vacuum sealer (such as FOODSAVER), what types of vacuum bags can they use? A: The following types of vacuum bags can be used: (1)    Vacuum sealer embossed bags (vacuum channel sealer bags): vacuum bags with straight stripes. (2)    Fold-over bags: such as tea bags with two sides folded in to become a four-layer bag. (3)    Back-sealed bags: vacuum bags with one side flat and the other side with an additional spine. Remember to choose aluminum foil bags and nylon bags as the material for vacuum bags.   7.     What is the difference between a vacuum flat bag and a vacuum striped channel sealer bag? A: A vacuum flat bag is like a regular plastic bag with both sides being flat are smooth, but the material of a vacuum flat bag is made of nylon (NY) or aluminum foil. A vacuum channel sealer bag has one flat smooth side and the other side has straight stripes.   8.     Why can a vacuum channel sealer bag be used with a Non-nozzle vacuum sealer? A: The key is in the straight stripes of the vacuum channel bag. The structure of a Non-nozzle vacuum sealer requires a straight stripe to create a channel for the air inside the bag to be removed. If the stripes are too shallow, it may still be unable to vacuum out the air.
Vacuum Sealer
Vacuum Sealer
Vacuum Pack can keep fresh and preserve longer, moisture-proof and volume reduction. Daily has many kinds of vacuum sealer could be chosen. The following is the introduction of Daily vacuum sealer for your reference.   ※ Vacuum sealer type: - Non-nozzle vacuum sealer : suitable for vacuum channeled bags, nylon gusset bags and alum. gusset bags. The length of vacuum bags is not limit. - Nozzle Vacuum Sealer : suitable for vacuum bags. The length of vacuum bags is not limit. There are two type of Daily nozzle vacuum sealer: motor control and air control. - Chamber type vacuum sealer : suitable for all kind vacuum bags. The vacuum degree of vacuum sealers is the highest. The size of vacuum bags is limited of the vacuum chamber. This vacuum sealer is suitable for vacuuming liquid and powder.  - Vacuum band sealer : there are two type vacuum band sealer could be chosen because of vacuum degree.   ※ Two type Vacuum pump: - Oil-less vacuum pump : Suitable for Vacuuming dry and solid articles, such as tea leaves, rice, beans and electronic component etc.  - Oil vacuum pump : suitable for liquid and powder articles. The vacuum degree is higher than oil-less vacuum pump. It needs to change and add the vacuum oil inside the vacuum pump when the vacuum oil is dirty.   ※ Vacuum sealer application: - For food : Keep food fresh.  - For other articles : Moisture-proof, anti-mildew, dust-proof, anti-rust. For example: electronic parts. - Volume reduction : fluffy articles such as bed quilt can be reduced the volume and then easy to ship or storage.    ※ Vacuum sealer accessories : - Channel Vacuum Bag : Suitable for non-nozzle vacuum sealer. There are the straight lines on Daily channel vacuum bag.  - Vacuum sealer bag : Suitable for nozzle type vacuum sealer and chamber type vacuum sealer. - Vacuum canister : Daily vacuum canister can be vacuumed by manual or used by non-nozzle vacuum sealer.  - Acrylic mold : When vacuuming, it can help the article to make the square shape, such as tea and rice. -Parts-Heating Element, Teflon tape.   More details: Click here  
Q&A How to make the sealing line of the impulse sealer even and beautiful?
Q&A How to make the sealing line of the impulse sealer even and beautiful?
Q&A How to make the sealing line of the impulse sealer even and beautiful?   Q: Users often want to know why the sealing line is crooked and thin, rather than the flat and complete 2mm or 5mm wide sealing line tested by the manufacturer. A: The key point is cooling time. For impulse sealers, whether hand type or foot-operated type, both the sealing and cooling time are manually controlled. In order to shorten the package time, many users will ignore the cooling time directly. As soon as the heating time is up and the heating light goes off, they release the handle or foot pedal. This will result in uneven sealing lines.   Q: How long does the cooling time need to be? A: It is recommended to refer to the sealing time. If the heating time is longer, the cooling time should be increased accordingly, but not necessarily in a proportional manner. It still needs to be tested. Based on the experience, if using regular bags and the sealing time is not set for a long time, it is recommended that customers press for an additional 1 second after the heating light goes off (the editor usually counts to 3 in their mind) before releasing the handle or foot pedal.   Q: If I don't care about the appearance of the sealing line, can I ignore the cooling time? A: It is still recommended to have some cooling time. A complete sealing line is not only visually appealing to customers, but the most important, it ensures the bag is securely sealed. The impulse sealer uses heat to stick the bag mouth and seal it tightly, and then cools the sealing line by pressing the bag. This is how the sealing line can be both firm and smooth. Without cooling time to cool the sealing line, the sealing line of the bag mouth may be thin and easily melt and break, which could lead to bag rupture and increase the workload instead.
Why Choosing Dailysealing
Parts and material quality control
  • Heating elements are from Japan.
  • Motor, Transformers, PCB and vacuum bags are made in Taiwan.
Strict quality control
  • 100% product inspection: The inspection is included functions and appearance of sealing machines.
  • Tensile strength test to ensure the sealing line tensile strength value reaches the customer standard.
  • Electric leakage test: Puncture and insulation test.
  • Our production and inspection are all based on ISO 9001.
Professional packaging and sealing machine factory
  • Produce many kinds sealing machines and ODM/OEM products and provide custom-made services.
  • More than 30 year experiences in packaging machines industry.
  • Sell sealing machines to America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.
  • 85% products in stocks, so we can deliver the products quickly.
  • The production process is based on SOP to ensure the quality of sealing machines consistently.
Complete range of specifications of sealing machines
  • Complete range of specifications of sealing machines.
  • Many kinds of sealing machines and consumptive materials in stocks, so customers can do one-stop shopping here.
  • The customers include Biotechnology companies, Medical equipment companies, Food industry, Electronics industry, Handmade soap industry and other industry..
Custom-made sealing machine service
  • Custom-made sealing machine service
  • Designs of the special sealing machine for irregular shape sealing line, such as U-shape sealing line and L-shape sealing line.
  • Different width of sealing line could be custom-made to meet customer requirements.
After-sales service of professional sealing machine
  • Provide the professional service for repair the broken sealing machine immediately.
  • The sufficient supply of parts stock, so don’t worry about the parts replace.
  • Some parts of sealing machine are used in common specifications, so it is easy to get the parts for replace.
Exhibitions and trade shows
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