DP-BS910 Metal bag sealer
DP-BS910 Metal bag sealer
Metal bag sealer

Ideal for retail application or factory process packaging.

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Metal bag sealer:

• Metal bag sealer made in Taiwan

• Easy operation, hygiene and clean.

• Creating a tamper-evident seal that provides security and protection of goods once it purchased.

• High quality bagging tape can make sealing tightly and neatly.

• Colors bagging tapes are red, green or yellow for color management.

• Ideal for retail application or factory process packaging.

• Widely suitable for various packing such as vegetable, cookies, hardware, electronic parts and so on.

• Options: 

   (1) Metal bag sealer with trimmer. (Model: DP-BS916)

   (2) EZtear bag closer (Model: DP-BS1103)


Model No. DP-BS910
Sealing type
Vacuum capacity
Vacuum time
Sealing time
Cooling time
Machine weight 0.90 kgs
Machine size 220 x 75 x 140 mm
Vacuum flow
Pump capacity
Pump type
Chamber size
Sealing width
Sealing and conveyor speed
Bag total thickness
Bag size
Sealing Temperate
Conveyor width
Conveyor height adjusting range
Conveyor loading weight
Machine size
Warm up time
Adjusting height of working table
Sealing Temperate
Size of letter
Number of letters
Printing area
Size of metal bar
Quantity of knives
Length of knives
Max. consumption electric power
Oscillation frequency
Max. welding
Width of ribbon
Size of heating board
Max. size of film
Inner core 1/2” x 1” or  1/2” x3” (WxD)
Packing size 10 pcs/ctn,9 kgs/10 kgs/1.38’
Working table size
Machine material
Suitable material of bag
Suitable for packing products
Spare parts
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How to choose a vacuum sealing machine? (Chamber vacuum sealer)
In recent years, vacuum packaging has become very popular. Vacuum packaging keeps damp proof, extended shelf life, and reduced storage space. There are various types of vacuum sealing machines available on the market. How to find a suitable vacuum sealer for your product? The following are specially divided into three categories for the vacuum sealers sold on the market (Chamber Vacuum Sealer, Non-nozzle Vacuum Sealer, and Nozzle Vacuum Sealer) to introduce advantages and disadvantages. There are other places to pay attention to when buying, hope to help everyone buy a suitable vacuum sealer, and enhance the quality of product.   ※Chamber Vacuum Sealer This is the most familiar and most commonly seen vacuum sealer. As the name suggests, it looks like a box. Therefore, large size and heavy weight are the biggest drawbacks of this vacuum sealer, but the vacuum degree is the best compared to the other two types of vacuum sealers. We also call this vacuum sealer an internal vacuum sealer. Because the items which you want to vacuum have to be put into the vacuum chamber in the vacuum sealer, and can be vacuum packaged. Since the vacuum item needs to be put into the vacuum chamber, the product will be limited by the size of the vacuum chamber. If the product is larger, the vacuum chamber must be larger. As the size of the vacuum sealer increases, its price also tends to increase. Therefore, when purchasing, it needs to consider whether the internal size of the vacuum chamber is suitable for your needs. The chamber vacuum sealer is further divided into oil-less and oil-type vacuum sealer due to the different types of vacuum pumps installed inside the machine. The vacuum capability of oil-less type vacuum sealers is slightly lower than that of oil-type vacuum sealers. Oil-less type vacuum sealer is suitable for dry products, such as tea, dried fruit, rice, and electronic parts. The price of this vacuum sealer is lower than that of the oil-type vacuum sealer, but the vacuum capability is sufficient for dry vacuum packaging. Oil-type vacuum sealer is suitable for both dry and moist products. If there is liquid in the product, it's recommended to choose an oil-type vacuum sealer. Suitable for packing products: meat, seafood, liquid, and powder. The Oil-type vacuum pumps installed in the Oil-type vacuum sealers on the market have different vacuum capabilities. If you need vacuum packaging for seafood or meat products, it's recommended to choose an Oil-type vacuum sealer with better vacuum capability. If the product itself is soft, even after being vacuumed, it will still be soft to the touch, and will not be as hard as dry products after being vacuumed. The price of Oil-type vacuum sealers is higher than that of oil-less-type vacuum sealers, and the higher the required vacuum capability, the higher the price. Also, it should be noted, Oil-type vacuum pump needs to add vacuum oil, so when using an Oil-type vacuum sealer, it's a must to regularly check the amount of vacuum oil and the clarity of the vacuum oil. If the oil level is below the standard, vacuum oil needs to be added; if the vacuum oil is cloudy, the old oil must be drained before adding new vacuum oil. The more often the vacuum sealer is used; the frequency of adding and draining oil is also higher. When the vacuum degree drops, you can first check whether it is due to the vacuum oil. Some oil-type vacuum sealers will also be equipped with oil mist catchers, to capture the oil mist generated during the operation of the oil-type vacuum pump. Smoke generation was found during the operation of the vacuum sealer, oil mist is likely generated when the oil vacuum pump is running, which is a normal phenomenon. The installation of an oil mist catcher is to reduce the situation of oil mist drifting. The oil mist catcher is a consumable, and the frequency of use will affect its life.   When purchasing a vacuum sealer, factors to consider include price, the suitable types of vacuum bags, vacuum efficiency, the size and type of products to be sealed, and the operating method. No matter what kind of product you want to vacuum, it's recommended to bring the product to the site for testing before purchasing, test the vacuum effect and understand how to operate it, this will allow you to choose the most suitable vacuum sealer for your needs.
Hand Type Sealer
Hand Type Sealer
Hand type sealer is the easiest sealer for users. Hand type sealer is small size that can save space. Portable sealer is suitable for large and heavy package.   ※ Hand type sealer : ➤For different operating type : - Hand type sealer: table type. Save space. Press the hand lever and hand type sealer start to seal. Easy operating. - Hand press sealer: table type. Pull the lever down to start sealing. It can save effort. 25cm sealing line is suitable for tea bags or coffee bag packing. - Portable sealer is suitable for wide working space. Portable sealer is also suitable for large and heavy articles, such us pallet package.   ➤For different material of package bags : - Impulse hand type sealer/ portable sealer: It is suitable for PE, PP, PET material, and aluminum bags and medical bags. - Constant heat hand type sealer / portable sealer: It is suitable for aluminum bags, vacuum bags and medical bags.   More details: Click here
What are the applications of vacuum bag packaging?
What are the applications of vacuum bag packaging?
Vacuum bags have a wide range of applications, especially when used in conjunction with a vacuum sealer machine. Here are some common applications of vacuum bags:   Food Storage and Preservation: One of the most common uses of vacuum bags is for storing and preserving food items. Vacuum sealing removes air from the bag, slowing down the oxidation process and inhibiting the growth of bacteria and molds. This helps keep food fresh for longer periods, whether it's raw meats, vegetables, fruits, or pre-cooked meals. Vacuum-sealed bags are also popular for storing leftovers and meal prep.   Sous Vide Cooking: Vacuum bags are essential for sous vide cooking, a cooking method where food is placed in a vacuum-sealed bag and cooked in a precisely controlled water bath at a consistent temperature. The vacuum-sealed bags ensure that the food is evenly cooked and retains its natural flavors and juices.   Marinating: Vacuum bags can be used for marinating meats and other food items. By removing the air from the bag, the marinade is more effectively absorbed into the food, resulting in enhanced flavors.   Long-term Freezing: Vacuum-sealed bags are excellent for freezing food items. The absence of air prevents freezer burn, maintaining the quality and taste of the food even after prolonged storage.   Travel and Outdoor Activities: Vacuum bags can be used to pack clothes and other travel essentials, compressing them to save space in luggage. They are also used for storing items during camping or hiking trips to protect them from moisture and keep them organized.   Document and Jewelry Storage: Vacuum bags are useful for protecting important documents, photographs, and valuable items like jewelry from dust, moisture, and other elements that could cause damage.   Organizing Household Items: Vacuum bags can be used to store seasonal clothing, blankets, and pillows, reducing their volume for easy storage when not in use.   Emergency Preparedness: Vacuum bags can be used for creating emergency kits, preserving food supplies, and organizing essential items for disaster preparedness.   Industrial and Commercial Packaging: Vacuum bags are used in various industries for packaging sensitive or perishable products, ensuring they stay fresh and intact during shipping and storage.   It's essential to use vacuum bags specifically designed for vacuum sealers to ensure proper functioning and safety. The versatility and benefits of vacuum bags make them a practical choice for various storage and preservation needs in both household and commercial settings.
Why Choosing Dailysealing
Parts and material quality control
  • Heating elements are from Japan.
  • Motor, Transformers, PCB and vacuum bags are made in Taiwan.
Strict quality control
  • 100% product inspection: The inspection is included functions and appearance of sealing machines.
  • Tensile strength test to ensure the sealing line tensile strength value reaches the customer standard.
  • Electric leakage test: Puncture and insulation test.
  • Our production and inspection are all based on ISO 9001.
Professional packaging and sealing machine factory
  • Produce many kinds sealing machines and ODM/OEM products and provide custom-made services.
  • More than 30 year experiences in packaging machines industry.
  • Sell sealing machines to America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.
  • 85% products in stocks, so we can deliver the products quickly.
  • The production process is based on SOP to ensure the quality of sealing machines consistently.
Complete range of specifications of sealing machines
  • Complete range of specifications of sealing machines.
  • Many kinds of sealing machines and consumptive materials in stocks, so customers can do one-stop shopping here.
  • The customers include Biotechnology companies, Medical equipment companies, Food industry, Electronics industry, Handmade soap industry and other industry..
Custom-made sealing machine service
  • Custom-made sealing machine service
  • Designs of the special sealing machine for irregular shape sealing line, such as U-shape sealing line and L-shape sealing line.
  • Different width of sealing line could be custom-made to meet customer requirements.
After-sales service of professional sealing machine
  • Provide the professional service for repair the broken sealing machine immediately.
  • The sufficient supply of parts stock, so don’t worry about the parts replace.
  • Some parts of sealing machine are used in common specifications, so it is easy to get the parts for replace.
Exhibitions and trade shows
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